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Mount Olivr First Chance & Multi - 5/11/2019
University of Mount Olive

Event 26 Women Triple Jump
Name Year School Finals Wind Points
1 Hill, Aliyah East Tenn. St. 12.00m 1.5
11.37m(+0.0) 11.23m(+0.0) FOUL(-0.6) FOUL(+0.0) 11.55m(1.2) 12.00m(1.5)
2 Brown, Mekayla East Tenn. St. 11.88m 1.5
11.44m(0.2) 11.59m(-1.4) 11.31m(-0.4) FOUL(1.3) FOUL(+0.0) 11.88m(1.5)
3 McKeever, Iyana Usc-Beaufort 11.81m 0.9
FOUL(-0.3) 10.60m(-1.3) 11.69m(-0.0) 11.81m(0.9) 11.36m(+0.0) PASS
4 Wilder, Shekinah North Greenville 11.77m -0.9
FOUL(-0.9) 11.37m(-1.3) FOUL(-0.3) FOUL(0.6) 11.25m(-0.1) 11.77m(-0.9)
5 Shoates, Nyambi East Tenn. St. 11.71m +0.0
FOUL(+0.0) FOUL(-1.5) FOUL(+0.0) 11.46m(+0.0) FOUL(1.0) 11.71m(+0.0)
6 Whitehurst, Kendra East Tenn. St. 11.21m -2.2
10.97m(-1.0) 10.85m(+0.0) FOUL(0.2) 11.06m(-1.0) 10.96m(0.7) 11.21m(-2.2)
7 Granger, Cameron Piedmont 10.57m -0.2
10.10m(-2.3) 10.51m(-0.8) 9.61m(-1.1) 10.57m(-0.2) 10.44m(1.5) 9.50m(-2.2)