Saturday Time Schedule

Track Events 11:00am 60m Hurdle Prelims (Men) 60m Hurdle Prelims (Women) 11:20am 60m Dash Prelims (Men) 60m Dash Prelims (Women) 11:40am 60m Hurdles Final (Women) 60m Hurdles Final (Men) 11:55am 60m Dash Final (Men) 60m Dash Final (Women) 12:05pm Mile Run (Men) Final Mile Run (Women) Final 12:35pm Darius Dixon Recognition and National Anthem 12:45pm 400m Dash (Men) Final 400m Dash (Women) Final 1:15pm 500m Dash (Men) Final 500m Dash (Women) Final 1:30pm 800m Run (Men) Final 800m Run (Women) Final 1:55pm 1000m Run (Men) Final 1000m Run (Women) Final 2:10pm 200m Dash (Men) Final 200m Dash (Women) Final 2:50pm 3000m Run (Men) Final 3000m Run (Women) Final 3:40pm 4x400m Relay (Men) Final 4x400m Relay (Women) Final Field Events 10:00am Womenís Long Jump (TJ to follow) Menís Long Jump (TJ to follow) Womenís Pole Vault 11:00am Womenís High Jump Womenís Shot Put 1:30pm Menís Invitational Pole Vault Menís Pole Vault Menís Shot Put Menís High Jump (to follow Womenís High Jump)